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School Plays a More Important Role

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School plays a more important role than the family in shaping one’s personality.
When it comes to refer to the shaping of one's personality we should firstly mention the fact that school plays an essential part, maybe more than the influence the family has. In order to confirm this statement we should consider the following arguments.

First of all, the personality of each individual begins to take form in the middle of the family and is closely connected to the education, the social status, religion or culture that the family offers. But from an early age a child begins to socialize and he comes into contact with diferent children of his age and even older, who contribute to his shaping of personality. Therefore, a first place to socialize for a child is kindergarden where he comes to meet several children of diferent behaviours and with whom
he tries to communicate in order to be able to integrate in a certain group

Moreover, with the passing of years, a child becomes an adolescent , attending a highschool or a universiy, where he tries to belong to a group of friends and have the same concerns and hobbies as the ones in his group. He may try either to copy other friends' personalities as he considers them the best. Then, he may want to have the same clothes and the same sum of money his friends have even if his family cannot afford it. This is a way of trying to feel equal with the others around you even if it is more important to be special in your own and impose your own way of thinking, your ideals and an unique behaviour in society.

On the other hand, at school, teachers try to do their best in order to shape student's personalities by having special classes where they discuss several matters of social life. There are situations when during these classes students have the courage to open a conversation on subjects that they cannot talk at home because they don't have such a close relationship with their parents like: AIDS awareness, foster...


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