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Multiple Intelligences

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Multiple Intelligences
Aiesha Wilson
Education 305
August 21, 2010
Jessica Solomon

My Multiple Intelligences

Everyone is born with multiple intelligences.   Through the multiple intelligences test I have learned which of my intelligences are stronger than the other.   My naturalist intelligence is very weak.   I do not enjoy nature, camping, or learning by experiencing the outdoors.   My musical intelligence is pathetic.   I do not pick up on patterns very easily; I can‘t make music or play any musical instruments.   I am a very logical person.   I enjoy structure, problem- solving, and always being organized.   I tend to be a very existential person because I enjoy discussing questions about life and practicing my religion.   When I interact with others, I am fulfilled.   I learn best kinesthetically.   My verbal intellectual strength always has been superior. I find that my attitude affects how I learn.   If I have a positive attitude I learn the task very quickly.   If my attitude is negative there is a very slim chance that I will understand the material.   My visual strength is very fragile.   I do not like creating my own designs or drawings and I hate doing three dimensional puzzles or reading maps, and blueprints.   I think that everyone is born with at least some strength of natural intelligence.   People are all intelligent in his or her way.   I believe that it is the persons decision whether he or she master whatever intelligence he or she is born with.   People should not take intelligence test seriously.   The test is just a minor glimpse into a person personality or intellectual strength.   Through the test I have determined that have some sort of intelligence in every category.   I did not have a category in which I scored a zero.   This shows me that I have strength in every category.


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