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Issues of Reality

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Art is the product of life experiences, thoughts beliefs and feelings. Art is a way to express personal ideas and how one interprets life. The Reality can be altered in anyway an artist feels like, they can use art as a way of expressing their inner feelings and make a statement about their views and philosophies on life.

I see the world as a happy, colourful world, as I am bubbly and high spirited person. My art works consist of bright colours, pictures of palm trees, flowers and beach scenery. This is because I was brought up on an island and lived most of my life by the sea. I am still at a very young age and up to now have not experienced a lot of life changing situations. My artworks to date are reflections of my happy memories of living on an island and are bright and tropical in the themes. The medium that I like to work with is a combination of acrylic on very large canvas.

Various artists are relevant to me in the ways that they create their art and have had a major influence and inspiration to my style of art. Georgia O’Keefe is probably the one I relate to the most as we both use the element of abstraction, surrealism using bright colours. O’Keefe’s main subjects are flowers and close ups of nature and these are the subjects that I enjoy the most.

Other artists that have influence my art style are Picasso, Van Gogh, Pollock and Warhol. Picasso uses the weird shapes and disfigurements in normal life objects which I commonly use. Van Gogh uses the subject of flowers especially sunflowers and expresses the way he paints emotionally where a simple subject can mean so much. This is relevant to me as my main themes in art centre around painting flowers.   I have also seen and held an original Van Gogh and this has been a big inspiration to my art. Pollock uses a unique style of art, he is known for using abstract expressionism. Having the freedom to express himself dynamically by emotionally splattering while painting, enclosed in his own world. This...


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