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Animal Farm 18

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Animal Farm tells a tragic story that aims to prove that human nature and diversity prevent people from being equal and happy.

The story takes place on Manor Farm, where animals are overworked and underfed by their drunken human master Mr Jones. However, the animals on this farm catch the wind of rebellion and decide to rise up against their masters. This is all sparked by a dream that a boar named Old Major had about a unique place where animals ruled themselves and where everyone is happy and equal.

When Old Major died, the animals acted quickly and were able to overthrow the humans. Their new idea of government was known as animalism, and it was agreed upon that each creature would work according to their capability and respect the needs of others. Seven commandments were agreed upon and all animals swore faithfully to uphold these laws. The laws were: no animal shall drink alcohol, wear clothes, sleep in a bed, kill another animal, those who go upon four legs or have wings are friends and those that walk on two legs are enemies. The most important commandment of all was that all animals are equal.

At first the farm thrived. All the animals worked industriously to improve the farm and enjoyed the feeling of self-control and freedom. The pigs were considered the most intelligent animals on the farm and out of them Snowball and Napoleon were the most prominent. They became the unofficial leaders of the farm and the cunning Napoleon began to challenge Snowball for leadership and power over the other animals.


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