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White Window

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Looking out the window, all I could see was white.  Had I maybe gone blind? There was nothing there, not grass, the blue sky, trees, people, or buildings.  I heard people talking behind me, but couldn’t make out the words. Their voices were muffled by the sound of my pounding heart. Then everything just stopped and there was silence. I was frozen, unable to move any part of me.   Could my instant hatred towards my dad have caused me to become catatonic? I sat in the hospital chair unable to talk, gazing blankly out the window into this new found world of white emptiness. I kept wondering if I would be able to turn around to face him and his new twenty-four year old girlfriend. I could suddenly feel her eyes burning into my back. I came back from my white world to see Brenna, my father’s new girlfriend, at his bedside playing the doting nurse, while he soaked up all the benefits of being the patient. I wanted to scream at her, shake her, and tell her how I felt about her. I wondered if she had any idea what she had done to my family. The sight of them together sickened me so much, that it sent me back into the safety of the white window as I recalled the damage she had done.
A few month’s before, my parents stood in my room and told me that they were going to take some time apart from one another. At ten years old, I thought this meant my dad was going on vacation or a business trip. It wasn’t supposed to change things for me. It wasn’t supposed to hurt so much. It wasn’t supposed to be permanent.   I really missed my dad at home, and although she never said it, so did my mom. A few weeks after their “vacation time,”   I was   hopeful that my dad would come back home, but Brenna made that impossible. All in all, my mom and dad ended up getting a divorce because of her. One day we were a family and the next we were all in pieces.  
Everything changed because Brenna was there that day with my dad in the hospital. He had fractured his arm in three places pitching in a...


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