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Scope of Physics

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Overview of Physics: Scope and its Applications in Society
Etymological Meaning
Comes from the Latin verb Scientia, which means ‘to know’
Science is as old as the human species. From the 16th century onwards, great strides were made in science in Europe.
Science is a systematic way of acquiring knowledge about the surroundings by careful observations and experimentations over a period of time.
Steps Involved in a Standard Scientific Method
    • Systematic observation
    • Controlled experiments
    • Qualitative reasoning
    • Quantitative reasoning
    • Mathematical modelling
    • Prediction
    • Verification or falsification of theories
Nature of Science
    • Science is ever dynamic.
    • There is no ‘final theory’ in science.
    • Modifications can be made in the established scientific laws.
    • It is a branch of science.
    • Etymological meaning: Comes from a Greek word meaning ‘nature’
    • Definition: Study of nature and natural phenomena, put in an organised way in various subtopics
Scope of Physics
Branches of Physics
    • Mechanics
Concerned with the motion of particles, rigid and deformable bodies, and general systems of particles
    • Electrodynamics
Deals with electric and magnetic phenomena associated with charged and magnetic bodies
    • Optics
Deals with the phenomena involving light
    • Thermodynamics
Deals with systems in macroscopic equilibrium, and is concerned with changes in internal energy, temperature, entropy, etc., of the system through external work and transfer of heat
    • Explains every phenomena occurring in nature on the basis of established rules
    • Involves the study of phenomena at the very small scales of subatomic level as well as the phenomena involving very large measurements
Applications in Society
    • Physics and technology are related to each other. Both have a direct impact on society.
    • Technology is the...


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