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Parenting Problems

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There are various materials for children to learn recently, while parents tend to select those appropriate sources for their children. Personally, I think to be versatile, students should learn by themselves initially.
    It is manifested that children can access more information that enables them to gain a wider range of knowledge. Searching on the Internet affords any fields of subjects is a terrific choice for students now and it helps them understand what the real world is and how they can perform better etc. Therefore, children become versatile with the increasing information got from various aspects.

    In addition, learning to be independent can be realized if children read or watch alone. Students no longer rely on parents after they are permitted to watch what they really are interested, though there are sometimes violent and pornographic programs. It also implies that children can develop their own methods of thinking that would form a new personality that will not just copy from their parents.

      However, to cultivate a child necessitates time on accompanying him or her to read books and play games. Most of the time, parents are the navigation system that guides children which novels are fun and which carton worthies them to watch. According to their children’s interest, they can select related materials that match children’s hobbies but also be benefit to their study. As long as the presence of parents, children are more willing to learn as they telling stories to children forms a good environment for study.

      In conclusion, to be a valuable member of society does not simply depend on parents help but also searching various sources by children themselves. Accordingly, our parents would be well-advised to assist KIDS to wipe out some violent materials and TO spare enough time to illustrate aspects their children interested in.


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