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What Are Some Other Reasons That People Work?

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There is no doubt that some people work mainly for salary, that is to say, for money.
Thanks to money, people can afford the goods and services. However, actually, work does more than that. That is the very reason why people work.

The first reason is that we can not only gain a lot of experience from work but also draw lessons from work. Compared with money, experience and lessons which cannot be taught from textbooks are much more valuable, because they are foundations for future development. For instance, we can learn team spirit from work. As known to us, team spirit plays a crucial role in modern society. Imagine that if your boss gives an assignment which can't be finished on your own, you would have to ask other collogues for help to accomplish it efficiently. Therefore, the other important aspect of a job is the experience and lessons a person gains from work.

What's more, a job embodies a person's society status. By working, people can receive a decent pay as well as achieve society status they want. A low-paid job is looked upon as the symbol of lower society status. On the contrary, a high-paid job is regarded as the right and power. No doubt that a high-paid worker is always respected by others while a low-paid worker is always looked down upon. In our country, China, common laborers, for example, cleaners are always mocked by those who earn much more money than them. So that's why people struggle for their ideal society status by working industriously.

In addition, a job can bring people happiness. The human beings long for a sense of accomplished. When they finish a project, pleasure will fill their hearts sweetly. Take me as an example, I like accepting various assignments, especially challenging ones. By accomplishing the given assignment, I always feel content.   Besides, there is no denying that happiness brings huge benefits for our bodies and moods. It makes us laugh as well as adds colors to our life. I can't imagine what my life would...


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