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Smoking Reseacrh Essay

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      There are a lot of surveys, studies and scientific research have proved that smoking can damage our health. “Smoking is the inhalation of the smoke of burning tobacco encased in cigarettes, pipes, and cigars.”(Smoking, Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, 3rd Ed.   2006, http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/smoking.aspx#2).The ill effect to both active and passive smokers who inhale secondhand cigarettes smoke is the same. They are forced to interact when meet in the public places (Soumya, nd). Smoking should not be ban because it violates individual rights and reduce the productivity of worker who is smoking .However, banning smoking in public places has brought a lot of advantages to the smokers and non smokers such as having a good health and their financial burden will reduced.

First counter-argument

      First and foremost, Smokers do have rights to smoke in public as long as they respect and obey the policies given by the governments, offices and so on. It would be better for smokers to have a smoking break in designated areas, properly put out and dispose it once their done with it. Smoking will not be a big issue as long as smokers smoke far from non-smokers, respect other people health and their concerns (Bradley, 2007).

Second counter-argument

      Besides that, for some people, smoking is a good way for them to relax and release stress. Having a few minutes break by smoking might let workers to think more and will have more productivity to perform better or providing a better ideas. If there is a “no smoking policy” in the company, employee will end up sneaking out for a cigarette just like in previous childhood years during schooling session. This will end up having a bad image not because of smoking but because of non-smoking (Bradley,2007).


The arguments claimed by the opponents stated that banning smoking may violates individual rights and reduce the productivity of workers who is smoking is actually...


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