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Nursing in America

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Nursing in America – My Journey so far...

As I look back to my journey so far in being a nurse in America, I realise that it is not the fnds generated by working, or the flexibility of the career, that drives me into wanting to expand my nursing experience, and its not even the American Dream! I concluded that I must have been born to be a nurse, as compassion drives me to search for the next person to care for. This write up would highlight on my determination and eventual transition to being a nurse in America, it would seek to pinpoint, preconception that could be limiting if not overlooked, the disparity of nursing in different structural setting would be reviewed. A concise summary and writer final thought would serve as conclusion.
I was born in Africa, spent my formative and early part of my summative years in Africa, travelled down to London, to begin a new life. An adventurer I would call myself, as I now find myself in America being a nurse. When I was in London, also working as a nurse after a second degree, I would wonder aloud about nursing in America. The stories I heard about the Natioanl Council for Licensure Examination (NCLEX) and ability to transition would have stopped a non-adventurous/explorative mind from venturing into such escapade.   But the faint of heart I am not. Contrarily, the more difficult I hear of the transition , the more my interest for exploration. Concretively, Frank Borman (Commander of Apollo 8, first mission to circle the moon) stated that ‘Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit’. Furthermore Meyer (2011) reiterated that ‘man need only to feel the spirit to adventure’. I would read this words of encouragement and tell myself, I will be a nurse in America one day. The notion that nursing in America cannot possible be different from nursing in London, was my only armour. I considered that if I could survive nursing as an African in London, I could easily integrate into nursing in America without all the...


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