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This is indeed an interesting article with some big news and mysteries about nanosized tubes of carbon.   This is like an unusual alien world where things are so small, objects and distances measure mere billionths of a meter, yet it is right here on earth.  
The general rules chemistry and physics that operate at normal scales often do not apply in the fascinating world of nano.   These unique difference between what we consider the normal scale and the nano scale, could offer great promises of invention and innovation for the modern world.   Perhaps new ways to transmit and generate energy and heat will be discovered and developed in the future.
Scientists recently discovered that nano tubes of carbon in fuel and lighting one end does not destroy the carbon.   Flames course down the nano tube, and it gets extremely hot, yet the carbon tube itself remains intact.   The carbon nano tube does not burn up as it would have at a larger normal scale.   It really should have burned up.   Perhaps the durability of the nantubes is due to the tremendous speed of the heat wave, that oxidation reactions that would combust the carbon cannot even get started.
The nanoworld is quite a different world indeed.   Heat transfer is also much quicker in the nanocarbon tubes than expected.   The heat is actually self propelled.   Heat transfers and travels one hundred times faster than in the best metals.   In 2007, it was even suggested that nanotubes could possibly be used to to transmit information the was that optical fibers do.   Electricity is generated at an amazing rate, and could possibly lead to new sources of electricity.
A new level of dark blackness has also been found in this mini world.   Growing millions of the nanotubes in what seems like a forest.   The tubes are so tall and thin that the light that hits them is almost completely absorbed, to the rate of 99.95 percent.   A scientist named Lin said that, “light has sort of a soft landing on the nanotube forest structure.”   The...


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