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Endangered Animals Protection in Canada

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Endangered Animals Protection in Canada

      Animals are precious and irreplaceable resources. According to the zoologists’ statistics, there are about 1500000 species of animal at present. However, thousands of animals become endangered species every year in the world. Moreover, the endangered animals is becoming increasingly fast, which is an inestimable loss to humans. Therefore, how to protect endangered animals becomes our priority. The government of Canada has drafted some exact solutions to protect endangered animals. Some animal protection organizations and some animal activists, which are glad to stand by the government, energetically protect them.
      Each kind of animal is irreplaceable and important to the ecosystem. Animal extinction affects the balance of ecosystems and upsets biodiversity. “ Biodiversity loss - it will make you sick” (Foster, 2013). Because biodiversity is one of the people’s precious resources. Medical research and education cannot normally proceed with biodiversity loss. It is well known that medical development depends on animal experiments or the research of animals. The world will lose some medical marvels because of animal extinction. For example, there is a kind of frogs which name are “gastric brooding frog”. The frogs could bring a new cure for peptic ulcers. However, the frogs died out . If some animals die out, they will not appear forever (Foster, 2013). Moreover, amongst all kinds of animals, there is a food chain cycle in the ecosystem. If a kind of animal die out, the ecosystem balance will be affected. In addition, that will affect people’daily life. For example, hawks eat mice and mice live by eating people’s crops. If hawks become extinct animals, the amount of mice will rapidly rise. The people’ crops will be destroyed by mice. Therefore, animal extinction brings a great loss to humans.
      Confronting animal extinction’ problems, the government of Canada has taken effective measures to protect...


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