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Endangered Species

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100 years ago there were about 2,000,000 chimpanzees in Africa, now there is no more than 150,000. Every year more and more animals are getting endangered. The Chimpanzee, Giant Panda, and Green Turtle are endangered species and are being protected so they do not become extinct. (Goodall)
    Chimpanzees live in a rich environment. For example, they are found in 21 African countries, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania. There habitat consists of African rainforests, mostly thick forests, some mountain forests 10,000 ft (3,000 m), or wide open savannas. Chimpanzees eat plants such as, ripe fruit, young leaves, seeds, bark, and flowers. They also eat eggs, nestlings, and sometimes insects. As well as small mammals such as monkeys and antelopes in small groups. They eat in the morning and evening. Chimpanzees usually eat in the morning and evening and rest during the day when the heat of the day. (Goodall)
    Chimpanzees have distinct physical features. They can grow up to 4 ft. The males weigh 90-120 pounds and females weigh 60-110 pounds.Chimpanzees faces are pinkish to black and their bodies are covered with black fur.They lack a tail. They have opposable thumbs and toes which helps them to grasp on things easily.They are quadrupedal which means they walk on 4 limbs. They can also walk upright but for short distances. There is not an actual mating season for chimpanzees, they can mate throughout the year. The term for the pregnancy is about 7 months. They have one offspring and twins are very rare. The mother carries the baby for 3-6 months. They can also be carried on the back until they are 3.5-4.5 years old. Chimpanzees are amazing animals. (Chimpanzee)
    The Chimpanzee became endangered for many reasons.Humans are the most threatening predator to Chimpanzees. “All over Africa, their forest homes are being destroyed as human populations grow and need evermore land for their crops and homes, and even more wood for making charcoal or for firewood” (Goodall...


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