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Endangered Species

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Many species are victims of extinction. In a world where the stronger always survives, these poor animals have no chance of winning the fight to survival. As a result, many organizations have been formed to ensure the continued existence of these animals. However, the kiwi bird of New Zealand and the white rhino of Africa and India are two different species, but they have one thing in common-they are endangered. These two creatures are both suffering from loss of habitat, they are victims of predators and of course, humans play a big role in their disappearance. It is believed that the white rhinos are more at risk of being extinct because they are more vulnerable to hunting due to their tusks and ivory being worth millions at black markets all over the world.

This essay will discuss the reason why these animals are endangered firstly, because of loss of habitat secondly, because of predators and thirdly, because of humans. Although the kiwi bird and the white rhino live in completely different environment, they are both experiencing a loss of habitat. As a matter a fact, the worlds climate is changing therefore, many changes are appearing in every part of the planet. Furthermore, the water level is rising, forests and jungle are dying because of pollution, and deserts are becoming dryer. As a result, for the past years, New Zealand witnessed a massive deforestation in order to build cities and that killed many kiwis. On the other hand, Africa is known to be a third world country and many industries are moving in and to do so, they are chasing away and killing many animals. Unfortunately, the white rhino likes to live in one place, which is usually next to an oasis or a lake and since half of the industries tries to settle next to water, these animals are extremely at risk. In addition, the dune land ecosystem is reducing and since the kiwi birds are ferociously territorial, they are dying. Also, the heat is increasing because of pollution and with the...


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