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Today, I would like to share a topic with you which is about the teen model selling sexy photo-albums in the Book Fair. The Annual Book Fair is a culture tradition in Hong Kong for more than 20 years. It aims at promoting serious book reading culture. However, this year, the highlights of Book Fair was changed as we could see teen models wearing vests and hot shorts, promoting their wares. Personally, I think the models have done nothing wrong.

The moral citizens held the viewpoint that the Book fair is said to be the platform for promoting serious reading culture. I the book Fair, we can buy a wide variety of books which about Chinese culture, photographic, medical, science as well as English usage. Besides, the protest between moral netizens and hot-blooded fans might prevent the Book fair from running smoothly. Moreover, the fans and paparazzi crowds inside the venue for the autograph and gimmick gift distributing functions might also disturb the order of the whole event, and thus hindered the real meaning of this annual cultural fair. The moral citizens hope the founders of the Book fair can make their message more clear that promoting serious book reading culture is much more important than selling pillows with featured models in underclothes or bikinis.

However, the hot-blooded fans claimed that the photo-books of teen model wannabes were graded as Class I as neither obscene nor indecent by The Obscene Articles Tribunal. Therefore, the photo-books were reasonable to be promoted during the Book Fair.

Many people of the society condemn the pseudo-models for spreading messages and spoiling readers’ minds through their albums. Think deeper. The Obscene Article Tribunal has classified the photo albums as Class I, which means they are neither indecent nor obscene and this confirms the right of the models to sell or promote their albums at the fair. We enjoy the freedom of speech and press in HK, thus, we should respect different preferences of...


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