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Visual Writing

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Ahmed Elbiali  
Dr. Sabah Alsafar
Enc 1102
11 September 2011
Visual Writing: Advertisement comparison
It takes approximately 30 seconds for someone to judge a person, advertisement, or etc.   In an advertisement or magazine the designer is trying to attract you to the image he or she is portraying. For instance, color, design, and effects capture the eye.   The designers’ intention is to portray eye-catching material that will leave you thinking the whole day about it. In the magazine of there are two images, a Bebe model and a Calvin Klein model. Both display different types of purposes. The designer was successful in displaying the image elements. For instance, the Calvin Klein model is serious, portrays a masculine appearance and always uses the colors black and white. In Bebe it is the complete opposite, instead it shows a feminine appearance and uses bright colors such as red and yellow. Also, in Bebe they use fur and boots while in Calvin Klein they used a black satin suit.  
In the images you can tell the difference in style, Bebe is outrageous and brave in style while Calvin Klein uses plain basic colors and is very serious looking. The images intention is to show the designers the types of clothes they have in their collection. If you like basic colors such as black and white you would buy Calvin Klein but if you like more of an outgoing colorful style you would buy Bebe. When looking at Bebe the photo expresses excitement, energy, and a young feeling while when Calvin Klein portrays an older style, business type of clothes, and very simple. Both pictures appeal to the minds of viewers because of them show completely different styles but both are very nice styles. As you can see, in the Bebe picture it is very seductive and made for party’s or for somewhere exciting while Calvin Klein is very chique and has a very elegant style for everyday. I think the images are effective for several types of reasons. First, the image for Calvin Klein is black...


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