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Highway to the Future

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Highway to the Future

The world is continuously improving each day. More and more discoveries are being made as well as new inventions that are found. As society and ways of living continue to improve, people are debating over whether these changes are for the better or for worse. Machines that are being built for the purpose of helping mankind could also hinder us. With these dangers looming in the near future, it will be up to the people to choose whether they help or hinder the world.

The world’s population is increasing so rapidly at a state that our planet will soon no longer be able to sustain the amount of people. There will be so many people that everyone will have to live in buildings or skyscrapers or in small apartments. Almost everyone will own a car so there will be a lot more traffic on the road. The government will have to build more roads to stop the traffic blocks.   If there is a large amount of people in one area, the jobs are limited. This means that not everyone can have a job.

Pollution is an issue that concerns the world. With the earth’s population growing so rapidly, humans will invade rainforests to cut down wood for their houses, and places for them to live in. This will leave animals nowhere to go and many species will slowly die off. The whole food chain will be disrupted and as soon as one breed of animals becomes extinct, a lot more will follow. Global warming is another issue that has arisen which relates to pollution. The appliances that we use release greenhouse gas emissions, carbon dioxide, into the air. These gasses cannot leave the earth’s atmosphere. The atmosphere attracts sunlight which bounces off the earth’s surface. This is what usually happens but when there are concentrated amounts of gasses, the sun’s rays and its heat get trapped in the atmosphere and cannot leave. This then warms up the planet, which in turn melts the polar icecaps. This results in rising sea levels which overtime causes climate change....


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