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The Dream Island

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The Dream Island

The sound of the blue oceanic waves crashed against the miles of sand on the shore, hungry seabirds searched for an appetising meal on the lonely beach. The gigantic Sun looked like a small bright pinpoint in the gigantic sky as the powerful sun rays reflected on the soft sand making the sand shiny and shimmery. The delicate smell of salty water and the soft feel of the breeze soothed my senses .In the distance the cheerful sea meets the gentle sky creating an elegant horizon. What a breathtaking and beautiful sight, I was witnessing in front of my eyes. Something truly remarkable!

As I was lay on a creamy bouncy beach chair, enjoying a delicious drink, a captivating grey dolphin rose out of the sea to sense the delicate wind. Time went by and the sun started to set I slowly started to walk along the narrow shore. The more I walked the busier the area seemed to get as the beach started to turn into a road and more and more people and vehicles seemed to be approaching me.

A wonderful angel arisen in front of the sun set. I glared at her. I slowly went towards her. In the middle of the gigantic street, there she was an attractive and beautiful girl. Her eyes were a ringingly sharp shade of black. Eyebrows were arched over the curve before dispersing onto the bridge of her dainty nose with a golden skin. I slowly approached and asked her name.

She replied ever so gently “My name is Alice”.

We gradually walked away from the street towards a park. As we walked through the park I noticed that the trees became denser and the park turned into a forest. A few species glanced at us from a strange and distant place on the top of tall trees. As we walked deeper into the forest, sweet birds’ were singing above us. We were wandering into the forest and night approached very quickly. The light was fading, creating dark shadows and silhouettes. Small spooky eyes seemed to glimmer from the tree hole. As Alice got scared she squeezed my arm as tightly...


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