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Whether Travellers Follow the Local Customs and Behaviro

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In recent years, as the international tourism industry developed and expanded at a staggering speed, people increasingly keen on travelling around the world. While a hot topic discussed by travelers is whether visitors ought to follow local customs and behavior when they are enjoying their time in the host country. People assume different attitudes towards this issue. Personally, I am firmly of the opinion that the local customs and conditions should be respected.
  The first reason to support my opinion is that follow their customs shows sincerity and willingness to get know their culture and preferably recognize cultural difference. That is to say, the two countries might have great cultural diverseness on social value as well as rules. For example, if we went to a muslin community, it is only polite for us to wear veils and cover our faces (for women). Imagine that how a complex misunderstanding could be occurred if we do not do so.
  Another consideration in this case is that it is also a significant and appropriate way that opening up or the local people to communicate. As is widely-accepted, one of the purposes of travelling is to interact and exchange the diversities and values of two multiculturalism countries. The local, especially children, might never seen a foreigner before, and find your appearance or language that is different from them. If you using gesture to communicate tell them you and your country, to a large extent, might color your trip.
  On the second thoughts, if the host countries do not welcome cultural differences, the world advance culture could not be disseminated so widely and quickly. Recent surveys have shown that International Tourism exert a crucial positive influence on the world civilization origin, which is depends on the level of people culture acceptation. Particularly, only if people take culture like a shot, will the world civilization gained quick development.
  In conclusion, considerable though the advantages that...


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