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Drug Trafficking in the United States 1

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Drug Trafficking in the United States

November 7, 2011

Drug Trafficking in the United States
For generations the United States has been dealing with a growing drug problem.   Now that drug problem is crossing the borders.   Drugs are being trafficked in from Mexico and Canada.   The trafficking of drugs has turned into a national problem for the United States and millions of dollars are being spent annually to help defend this problem.   When it comes to this problem it affects everyone in this county.   Since drug trafficking is having a large affect on the United States there are agencies that are fighting back to help with this problem.
When it comes to the agencies, that deal this problem the one everyone thinks about is the Drug Enforcement Administration.   When looking into the DEA, there is a lot of helpful information on their web site.   The United States department of Justice oversees DEA.   Looking into just the DEA they have received a large amount of funding to help fight drug trafficking.   The Drug Enforcement Administration has received $54.2 million dollars in funding to help stop the flow of drugs traffickers that are smuggling them across the southwest border.   Apart of this money will help fund the Sensitive Investigative Units, which will target Mexican cartels.   (Reduce The Threat, n.d.).   With this amount of funding and the hard work of the DEA it should help catch the cartels that supply the drugs and funding for the traffickers to smuggle the drugs across the United States border.
Since these drug traffickers are starting to come into small towns throughout the United States, because they know that in these towns they are less likely to get caught.   One small town police chief said that when it comes to dealing with these issues most of the time they cannot.   His town only has one full time officer. (Fitzgerald, 2011).   When it comes to these small towns the drug traffickers are using them as a drug highway.   Small towns are easy to use...


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