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Gran Torina

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Clint Eastwood stars in the movie Gran Torino it is insperastional movie. He plays Walt Kowalski an old thinner man. His face is like a lot of older men wrinkly, long, and pale; with short thin ghostly white hair. Walt wears a frown all the time and seems to be a very unhappy man but just wants to be left alone. Though he had developed some bad habits through the years such as, he smokes, drinks, and dips a lot.
Walt’s life in the beginning of the movie is one of a rough retired Polish American Ford factory worker and Korean War veteran. Who has recently lost his wife of 50 years after her death. His neighborhood in Highland Park, Michigan, formerly populated by working-class white families, is now dominated by poor Asian immigrants, and gang violence is commonplace. He vehemently turns down a suggestion by one of his estranged sons to move to a retirement community, and lives alone with his labrador retriever, Daisy. Walt suffers from coughing fits, occasionally coughing up blood, but keeps this from his family. Father Janovich, the young Catholic priest in whom his wife had confided, tries to comfort him; Walt openly disdains the much younger inexperienced man. These traits make him a very shut off cold man. Then during the movie he wants nothing to do with his new neighbors, particularly after he catches Thao attempting to steal his beloved 1972 Gran Torino as a coerced initiation into a Hmong gang run by Thao's cousin. The Hmong gang is infuriated and attacks Thao, but Walt confronts them with his M1 Garand rifle and chases them off, earning the respect of his neighbors, even thou he doesn’t want it.
I choose Walt because he is a very complicated man that hides many things from his friends, family, and even himself. He doesn’t show any weakness to anybody and protects anyone in need even if he doesn’t like the person it doesn’t matter. Still he reminds me of my grandfather in so many ways I can almost relate to how he is and why he acts the way he does....


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