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The Proposal

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by Anton Chekhov


NATALYA STEPANOVNA, his daughter, twenty-five years old.
IVAN VASSILEVITCH LOMOV, a neighbor of Chubukov, a large and hearty,
but very suspicious landowner.

The scene is laid at CHUBUKOV'S country house.

LOMOV enters, wearing a dress-jacket and white gloves. CHUBUKOV rises
to meet him.

CHUBUKOV. MY dear fellow, whom do I see! Ivan Vassilevitch! I am extremely glad! (Squeezes his hand) NO W this is a surprise, my darling.... How are you?
LOMOV. Thank you. And how may you be getting on?
CHUBUKOV. We just get along somehow, my angel, thanks to your prayers, and so on. Sit down, please do.... Now, you know, you shouldn't forget all about your neighbours, my darling. MY dear fellow, why are you so formal in your get -up? Evening dress, gloves, and so on. Can you be going anywhere, my treasure?
LOMOV. No, I've come only to see you, honoured Stepan Stepanovitch.
CHUBUKOV. Then why are you in evening dress, my precious? As if you're paying a New Year's Eve visit!
LOMOV. Well, you see, it's like this. (Takes his arm) I've come to you, honoured Stepan Stepanovitch, t o trouble you with a request. Not once or twice have I already had the privilege of applying to you for help, and you ha ve always, so to speak.... I must ask your pardon, I am getting excited. I shall drink some water, honoured Stepan Stepa novitch. (Drinks )
l From The Plays of Anton Chekhov (New York: World Publishing Company,
1935). Copyright by Illustrated Editions, Inc., 1935. Reprinted by permission of
Avon Publications, Inc.



CHUBUKOV. (Aside) He's come to borrow money! Shan't give him any! (Aloud) What is it, my beauty?
LOMOV. YOU see, Honour Stepanitch.... I beg pardon,Stepar Honouritch.... I mean, I'm awfully excited, as you will please notice. . . In short, you alone can help me, though I don't deserve it, of...


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