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Passing of the Strength

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Passing of the Strength
The Power of the Strength that Passes between Generations
Family bonds are definitely a link to our beginning and a guide to our future. The strongest person in the world to me is my Grandma.   She has always been able to endure any predicament brought her direction.   Grandma is the heart of the family; she is the person that everyone goes to for guidance and to pour out their heart.   Grandma always listens unconditionally. It was not until we were finished did she give us her opinion of the situation.   She never wondered whether we would follow her advice or go our own way, but she always knew we would treasure her contribution.
One day I was called to the hallway of a hospital to where my Grandma was kneeling and sobbing. I had never seen her in such array or looking so lost.   I took her in my arms, picked her up and held her, just as she did me when I was a child.   She looked directly into my eyes and said, “I can’t do this anymore”.   As she tightly hugged me, I felt a bolt of electricity pass between us.   I knew at that very moment that the great strength of my Grandma has now been bestowed upon me. I told her not to worry that I am there for her now.
I am the person that the other family members turn to for guidance and answers to their problems. I know that I cannot solve all problems as neither did Grandma, but I can listen to what is told to me and give my opinion as I have been taught as the right thing to do.   I can be the support to other family members as my Grandma has fostered and encouraged me to be.

Today brings me a renewed outlook on what my Grandma has done for our family.   She not only demonstrated patience, but she also taught me that it is ok to be strong, to stand up for what is right and how to effectively listen.   I now understand the actions and measures of one generation can be passed to another through living by example.   As a grandma myself, I try to exhibit those same traits and values and teaching by...


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