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Abraham Lincoln: an American Hero

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Adam Smith
English I
Miss Henson
2 February 2011
Abraham Lincoln: An American Hero
Abraham Lincoln, also known as “Honest Abe,” is one of the most famous and well known heroes and presidents the world has ever known.   It all began where he grew up in Hodgenville, Kentucky in a cabin in the woods.   His father, Thomas Lincoln, was a pioneer, and his mother, Nancy Lincoln, raised Abe and his sister, Sarah. However, in December of 1816, his family lost their Kentucky home in a lawsuit and moved to southwestern Indiana where a tent was their shelter until they were able to build a log house.   His family lived in abject poverty, and Lincoln shared chores with his sister and helped to take care of the crops. Besides these responsibilities, he hunted and fished for food.   However, the worst was yet to come.   Lincoln’s mother died suddenly in 1818 (Current 1&2).   A year later, his father remarried and Lincoln’s stepmother, Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln, encouraged Lincoln to read and go to school. Although Lincoln had very little formal education, he was able to become a successful lawyer known for his fairness and honesty (“Accomplishments” 2). In 1860 these same qualities led his election to the presidency. It was Abraham Lincoln’s leadership qualities and decisive actions, in the face of strong opposition, that led the Union to win the war and abolish slavery, making him one of America’s most heroic presidents.
President Lincoln’s courage, leadership abilities, and wise decision-making led the Union to victory in the Civil War. As early as 1862, Lincoln had imposed a blockade on the southern ports which caused the Confederate troops’ supplies to decline sharply. He also made the decision to use the railroads to expedite the transport of supplies to Union troops (Boritt 260).   The war itself started with the Confederate army’s attack of Fort Sumter soon after Lincoln became president.   After this attack, Lincoln recognized a relative weakness of his, military...


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