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The Most Notorious Crimes in American History

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                          Life: The Most Notorious Crimes In American History

            The magazine/book that chose was Life: The most notorious crimes in American history. The reason I picked this is because my interest in crime, murder, and mystery. The magazine is set up into 4 sections of crime politics, passion, profit, and mayhem , some of these crimes I have heard of and some never before reading this.
              The section on politics covers such stories as the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln, JFK, and Robert Kennedy also Mississippi burning, and Watergate . The story in this section that grabs my interest is the assassination   of JFK , I guess because it is so well known and a big part of American history .I have read, watched, and heard stories about it from family members and friends that remember where and what they were doing when President Kennedy was shot .
                The section on passion gives the stories of Mary Kay Letourneau, O.J Simpson, Laci Peterson, Amy Fisher and Heide Fleiss. Profit shares the stories of the St.Valentines Day massacre, kidnapping of baby Lindbergh, Enron, and Bernie Madoff. My favorite section is mayhem because the stories in this section are unbelievable. Some of the crimes are of Leopold and Loeb, Charles Starkweather, Son of Sam , Ted Bundy, and none other than Charles Manson. The story that intrigues me the most from this section is the Manson story , how he got those people to follow in his beliefs and carry out his crazy plan.
                    This magazine/book was very interesting to me. I enjoyed reading about crimes from past to present. It shows how some people will do anything even murder for profit, passion, politics, and just out right senseless murder for no reason at all. I would recommend this Life magazine to other people interested in the crimes that took place in America.


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