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American History: Fall of Modern Western Society by Mass Propaganda

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Club of Rome rules Australian Green Economy Policy for last 40 years: Top Australian Professor during Blue Ribbon debate 10 greatest Australian Minds
Top Australian Professor says Club of Rome underpinned green policy for last 40 years during Blue Ribbon event named 'Brave New World?' amidst 10 of Australia's 'greatest' minds playing god declaring: Growth as Sin

Updated - MUST SEE! Potty Putter reported to start apocalypse due to Co2! See below!

You think that's bad? He also says psychological warfare needed to brainwash public since economy is socially driven and pathological necessary of intervention. The frighting part of the Professor outlook was during the whole lecture event he barely even looked at his notes. Unlike Bush and Obama, he dosent need teleprompters while expressing indepth knowledge of psychology, economics and world history.

6th July 2010

Mp3 link to Club of Rome Quote (A few minutes in. About 5 minutes)

Prosperity without Growth (Picture of Dr Tim Jackson)

The event include 10 of Australia's 'greatest' minds presenting similar pro-Co2 theory climate change

The speech says prosperity without growth. He labels Co2 critics as "trapped in a form of imaginary thinking" whilst reasoned decisions should either reflect, in his opinion as, "will we accept carbon reductions or think more profoundly about the surrounding structures" The Professor Tim Jackson therefore explain what he means by "surrounding structures". The describes that due to social psychology, the relationships between firms through the power of investment and consumers with attitudes and belief systems, actually drives the economy. Therefore mind dumbing advertising and social awareness and education, aka, MSM throat ramming, is necessary to change the economy....


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