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Women in American History

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Back in the 1930’s women’s suffrage had been approved and many thought that equality was finally gained between men and women. Although this law was passed, many women still faced criticism when trying to continue their education or find jobs. This was a time when the Great Depression started to put an enormous amount of pressure on people to find employment and provide for their families. When women in America would try to help bring in income they were looked down upon and were considered to be taking work away from “family men”. (Beach, 1&2)

Despite the opposition women of the 1930’s faced, some were still able to stay strong and accomplish amazing things. Among these outstanding people is Jane Addams, the first women to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.("Women in History Living Vignettes of Notable Women from U.S. History", 1) Like many parents, Jane’s, felt that her priorities should be set on getting married, rather than trying to do the things men did. Even with her parents disapproval, Jane left with hopes of doing more with her life than becoming a   stereotypical housewife.("Women in History Living Vignettes of Notable Women from U.S. History", 4)

While on a trip to Europe, Jane was introduced to the founders of a settlement house in the slums of London. Here Addams interest in social work was sparked, but it took some time after returning home that she would begin working on the idea of a settlement house in Chicago. Once Jane was committed to the house, there was no stopping her. Over the next few years the Hull House was up and running, providing anything from medical care to classes for immigrants.("Women in History Living Vignettes of Notable Women from U.S. History", 7)

After depression hit the country, the Hull House became overwhelmed with people in need. Amongst all the chaos Jane realized that there would never be an end to poverty unless things were changed. With this belief in her mind, she turned her focus towards the state of Illinois...


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