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Article Review - Reader's Digest

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The article I will be reviewing is from a famous monthly magazine, Reader’s Digest. The particulars of this article are as follows:
Reader’s Digest
Title: Where Can You Get The Best Medical Care In Asia?
Volume: March 2011
Article Title: To Infinity – and Beyond?
Article Author: Stan Yee

As I was flipping through the pages, browsing random articles, I came across one with a rather reminiscent title, ‘To Infinity – and beyond’. It is actually the catchphrase of an astronaut character in the movie, ‘Toy Story’ which I saw many years back. The preview was what really anchored me to the article. It was about space tourism! Being flabbergasted at the actual feasibility of such an idea coming to reality I was very much intrigued and went on to read the whole article. I discovered fascinating information, moreover the article was related to aerospace engineering, further enticing me, and therefore I chose this article for reviewing.

One of the first things I noticed was the picture. This article contained only a single photograph but its ingenuity is truly ‘worth a thousand words’. The picture is of a person in a space suit (chest and above), but strangely over the space suit he is wearing a Hawaii design open shirt and within he is wearing a t-shirt which says, ‘I Love Beach’. And to top it off he is wearing sunglasses over the helmet (showing reflection of the surface of moon). This picture gives a comedic and entertaining touch to the article while giving an insight to the literal theme; I truly enjoyed discovering little details of analogy between the common tourist and the space tourist.

The author, in the opening of the article, takes the reader into a trip of history of flight. Starting with da Vinci’s ornithopter up to the first flight of the Wright brothers, I was introduced to the evolution of aircrafts, which occurred just to satisfy man’s want to fly. The author then described how humans were hyped by the popular media about...


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