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Un Member Nations

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The sad fact- hard to swallow and difficult to deny- is that nearly forty percent of UN member nations are now categorized not merely as failed states- but as “failed democracies.” Living in a so called “successful democracy,” why does that statement concern me? Countries, over the past decades, have come into increasing contact with one another for various purposes. Our global village no longer comprises regions that bind a certain culture to its soil. In that light, it is crucial to view our neighbors as a source of enrichment- whether the neighbor lives across the street or across the seas. Preparing for a future in such a village not only necessitates concerns for our fellow neighbors, the “failed democracies,” but also requires collective effort in finding better ways to make democracy work.
      Inevitable to all nations, diversity of culture is increasingly shaping not only the nation’s population, but also the population’s opinions. According to Samuel P. Huntington, the mingling of distinct cultures serves as a primary source of conflict. However it is not this “Clash of Civilizations,” but the “Clash of Ignorance” which is the true problem. Tolerance is exclusively absent. Various ethnic and religious groups simply are not educated to bridge their differences and underscore their similarities. Such not only results in unnecessary conflict and bloodshed, as evident between Shias and Sunnis in Iran and Iraq, but also undermines the scope of democracy. Simply education can overcome that ignorance.
      Back in the Age of Colonialism education was limited to three R’s: Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmatic; however, now in the Age of Democracy, education ought to be classified by the three R’s: rigorous, relevant, and responsible. To meet higher standards of excellence, individuals need to be trained more competently and outstandingly. Better education does not merely mean wider access to learning. Our concern for quantity should be supplemented by an...


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