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An Eye for an Eye - Essay 2

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“An Eye For an Eye”
“BANG, BANG!” This blaring noise is frequently perceived as being a gunshot. But this was no ordinary gunshot. This particular gunshot came from a machine gun that hacks away at its opponents. As the wielder of the machine gun starts hacking away at his enemies, the victims bodily fluids and pieces of their organs start to fly all over the place. With such brutal ways of murdering these poor victims the murderer will most likely see life in prison as a sentence to his brutal actions. Hammurabi’s Code stated that “an eye for an eye” was the just and fair punishment that one would receive for a crime committed. The judicial system in the United States should not be based on mercy but on justice and revenge.
Living in a culture of crime one would think that certain laws which prevent crime would be efficiently enforced. Well we live in a culture of mercy, which believes that we the people should have mercy on criminals such as killers, rapists, etc. Our government which protects us basically believes that a second chance should be given to a person who has committed a crime. Well think of it this way; did the victim that was murdered get a second chance on living? Did the victim that was raped get a second chance in keeping their sanity? A person that was robbed, did he get a second chance in owning his/her possessions? The answer to these questions are no. No victim has ever had a second chance. But yet I find it hard to believe that our government which was institutionalized in keeping its citizens free and safe from harm, fails to do so. In giving criminals a second chance the government endangers its citizens. This is the effect of a weak judicial system as many would say.
Biblical law was very strict and sometimes had some forms of cruel and unusual punishment as a result of breaking a law. Yet when we look back, those strict forms of punishment were imposed and enforced to create a safe and civilized environment. Those who committed an...


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