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An Ideal School in 21st Century

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I wrote this essay for a contest. how's my 'ideal school'?

My ideal school would be a boarding school, placed in a great city named Venheimen, far-far in the future. My ideal school would have around 2000 students and be named Morgan Aniston Secondary Boarding School, after the great man who founded the city.

In my fictional universe, education starts at the age of 6 and ends at 16, with the option of university for the graduates. Students from the age of 6 to 11 go to primary school, where they would take the Primary School Examination (PSE) which will decide which secondary school they would go to. Students 12 to 16 go to secondary school and take the Secondary School Examination (SSE) at the age of 16.

In my ideal school, classes start at 9am and finish at around 4pm, with lunch at noon lasting 1 hour. Friday classes end 1 hour early. Students study compulsory subjects such as English, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Science, Astrology, Computer Technology, World History, Basic Geography and Creative Art and have a choice to study elective courses such as French, Chinese, German, Biology, Chemistry, Advanced Computer Technology, Advanced Geography, Space Research, Business Studies, Music and Professional Art. Students are required to take at least 2 elective courses.

Creativity is highly encouraged among students in the school. Students create an endless stream of new inventions, letting their dreams come to life, though not all of which are positive and work well. Once, a group of boy students built a war robot to battle against another team’s robot. The robot went awry, grabbing a hair design and fashioning machine made by a group of girl students and started hitting everyone on the head with it. To end the situation, a group of teachers and students hit the robot on the head with sledgehammers and mallets. The robot returned the hair design and fashioning machine to its creators, who were given such a bad haircut they had to be warded for...


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