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Choctaw Indians

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There are many different types of Native Americans. One of the many tribes, are the Choctaw Indians Of Oklahoma. The Choctaw Indians have their own style of living, what they believe in and how they gather food compared to other Native Americans. The Choctaw Indians have there own culture different form the rest.
      There are two different Choctaw Indian. One of which is known as the “tribe,” the other is “the nation.” The tribe is located in Mississippi, and The Nation is located in the state of Oklahoma.
      My father is full-blooded Choctaw Indian. His parents were both Choctaw Indian as well. They originated from Oklahoma, but their parents, which are my great grand parents they came from Mississippi. The Choctaw Indians of Oklahoma are referred to as “mobile” because they traveled into a different territory.
      When my grand parents were younger they had a lot of customs that their family would do. For instance when all the guys got to a certain age, (depending on the Choctaw family) they would have to cut themselves for a way to show that they are now a “man”. For my family it was the age of sixteen the guys would have to cut themselves. When my great great grandma was eight, she was taught how to make a dream catcher from her mother. That was a tradition that my family has had all the way up until my great grandmother on my mother’s side had kids. She never learned because her dad raised her, her mother had passed away when she was the age of four. My grand mother on my dads side, however knows how to make dream catchers, she learned when she was around the age of eight also. I hope to learn someday.   Ever since my parents and grand parents could remember they have always have had two thanksgiving days. The day before thanksgiving, they would invite the neighborhood to come over for dinner and just get to know each other more. Then on the actual Thanksgiving Day, is when we would all get together and spend it together. This tradition is starting...


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