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Foreign Policy

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1- Definition of Foreign Policy
2- Ideology of Pakistan and its strategic importance
3- View of Quaid-e-Azam on Foreign Policy of Pakistan
4- Objectives of Pakistan Foreign Policy
5- Early phase of Pakistan Foreign Policy
6- Pakistan foreign Policy and Cold War era
7- Afghanistan Wars and Pakistan Foreign policy
8- Pak foreign relations with neighboring countries (India, Afghanistan, Iran, China)
9- Pak foreign relations with world powers (U.S.A, U.K, Russia, European Union)
10- Recent challenges to Pak Foreign Policy specially terrorism
11- Post Osama situation and Pakistan foreign Policy
12- Conclusion

1:- Foreign Policy of a country means “The strategy and principles of a country towards making relations with other countries and international organizations and its approach towards international issues to achieve its interests."
Foreign Policy has a great influence on the present and future of a country. Because in the present world order each country is linked strongly to other countries. No country can live in isolation. One country's economy is linked as closely to other so that they have become dependent on each other. Many factors including trade, culture, religion, region etc. influence foreign policy. Today the world is shrinking into economic and trade blocks. For example EU (European Union), ECO (Economic Cooperation organization). Those countries that have strong trade relations have usually close ties because the loss to one country can cause harm to others.
Culture and religion leaves great impression on foreign policy of a country. Today the world is strongly divided on the basis of religion e.g., Muslim world and non-Muslim world. The best of religious blocking is OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference), although its role is not very effective. But mostly Muslim countries have brotherly relations with Muslim countries on the basis of religion and similarly non-Muslim countries like U.S and Israel have close ties on the...


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