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Drug Trafficking

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Drug Trafficking

One subject that really intrigues me that resides in the International criminal justice issues is Drug Trafficking.   This matter interests me because how many aspects are involved with drug trafficking, such as the ways criminal import/export, buy, sell, and transport there drugs. Drug trafficking is the illegal drug trade within a global black market, dedicated to cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of those substances which are subject to drug prohibition laws. Most jurisdictions prohibit trade, except under license, of many types of drugs by drug prohibition laws.
For many big time drug dealers they make a living off growing, packaging, and then finding unique and sometimes horrible ways to transport there illegal drugs to there buyers all across the world.   Many drug dealers are very smart; they have created and planned well thought out routines, routes, maps, and what ways work the best when transporting their drugs. Before the entire drug trafficking take place there is a process, the process is you have the people, who grow the drugs, then the manufactures, then the smugglers, followed by the traffickers and distributors.
There is so many different ways drug dealers are finding and inventing to transport there drugs across boarders and across the oceans from country to country. A few ways dealers use to transport their drugs is the use of boats that they own, these boats are very fast and are made to out run police boats or other law enforcement water crafts. They also use charter planes to import and export there drugs, having these charters planes accessible as they do they are able to ship and move their drugs whenever they want making it harder for police officials to search and seize them.   This makes it cheaper and faster to supply there drugs which in return makes them a lot more money.   I also found out some cruel and unusual ways that that are being use to transport drugs, one is that of cutting animals skin and...


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