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Analysis Series: the Big Bang Theory

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How does the series represent the realism of events?
The series represents some people’s real lives. Nowadays, there are some people who are so focused in their jobs that it is so hard for them to meet new friends and to manage to make good contacts.
Who is the target audience? Age, sex, education.
The series is aimed at people between 17 and 30 years old, no matter what they have studied, because the main aim is not learning science but laughing. There’s no need to have science knowledge, because the characters simplify science so that the public can understand what they say and get all the jokes. What emotional appeals does the show use? Apart from all the departments of science the characters work in, there is something else. At the end of the chapter, Sheldon asks Leonard rethorically if he is going to forget about Penny. He denies, so it means there could be a love story between the two of them. What are the relationships among the characters. The show is about four friends. They all are scientist. Leonard and Sheldon share an apartment, while Howard and Raj live in their own places. Penny, the new neighbour, gets on well with all of them, except with Raj, because he is not able to talk to women. Give a description of the men characters. Leonard Hofsdadter is an experimental physicist. He likes women a lot but he has not been really successful in relationships. He lives with Sheldon Cooper, a theoretical physicist. He has got a brilliant mind and he knows it. He is hypochondriac, frivolous and also a fusspot, for example, he has his own spot on the sofa. They both have two friends, Howard and Raj. Howard is an aerospace engineer who still lives with his mother. Raj is an indian astrophysical who has some troubles to talk to women. Penny, the new Leonard and Sheldon’s neighbor is a waitress in The Cheescake Factory, but her dream is to become and actress.


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