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The Big Bang, Genesis or Evolution?

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The Big Bang is widely acknowledged in the scientific world for being a reasonable way of explaining how the world began. Many different scientists have come up with similar theories about   the Big Bang - these state, in one way or another, that some sort of fusion of chemicals formed a big bang, which created the earth. However there are some flaws in these theories, such as, where did the gases come from in the first place? The Big Bang is the most popular scientific explanation for the creation of the world and in the future it is likely that this will be proved right or wrong.

Genesis is the Christian belief of the beginning of the world. The Bible says that the world was created in six days and on the seventh day God rested. To many people this idea seems to be impossible and incomprehensible, but to others, it is possible for God to have done this, as he is omni-benevolent. There is no scientific evidence to either back up or rule out the story of Genesis, and belief in this theory, as with most theories, is down to personal opinion.

Evolution is another scientific theory, which suggests that men evolved from other animals (such as apes). The idea that we evolved from other animals with each new generation slightly different to the prior, is to some people a reasonable explanation, but to others it seems barbaric.

Even though there are differences in opinion between religion and science, and within science, the decision as to which theory is right is down to the personal thoughts, judgements and opinions of an individual. I personally believe that the theory of the Big Bang seems more feasible than those of evolution and of Genesis; this is because Genesis seems a fairy tale to me, which bares no scientific evidence, and evolution has certain fallacies that I find somewhat incongruous - the Big Bang theory has been conceived by people that can produce scientific evidence in terms of dates and times, and at the...


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