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Faith in God Leads to Life

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Life is what we make it, right? And therefore, who made our lives? It’s Jesus Christ, our savior.
He is the one we run to during problems and frustrations. Having that faith in God is one of what we live for. It’s not only about us, other people, things, etc. We must always have the thoughts of God.   LIFE IS HELL without Him. Maybe sometimes things are complicated. People on Earth have different religions, different way of praying, and serving God. But despite of, we must remember that there is only one God we must thank for what we have now. Faith in God is the source of my hope and strength in facing life’s challenges and difficulties. This is my reason for not giving up on things I want to achieve.
Beyond the challenges, trials, and difficulties, I will never give up on life. Problems are not reasons to give up but a challenge to improve ourselves and an inspiration to move forward. If God is within your heart and soul, truly accepted as your personal savior, and believes in His faithfulness, then I can guarantee you…. LIFE would be easy.  
Feeling frustrated? Remember, God will always be there for you. Just call him anytime through prayers. However, praying is not asking God to change the situation, but pray to God and ask Him to change your attitude towards the situation.
Facing difficulties in life and was downfallen? It doesn’t mean you’re weak or God doesn’t love you, it’s just that God is testing your capabilities and faithfulness on Him. So, never stop believing that you can do better every time all else fails, don’t forget that an ordinary you has an extraordinary God to back you up.  
Just remember this:   We are sometimes weak but not destroyed; Problematic but we don’t give up… because we know God remains faithful. Whatever situation we have, stay with God and never say I’m tired!   But declare it boldly:
I’m blessed! I’m whole! I’m healthy! I’m victorious! and most of all... I’m ONE OF GOD’S LIMITED EDITION!


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