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-Distance Education or Traditional Education-

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-Distance Education or Traditional Education-

For many years, the only option of obtaining any level of education was through a traditional classroom atmosphere, but over the last few decades since the introduction and growing popularity of distance or online education, it has seemingly rose the argument over which is a better method or system of obtaining ones   education, is it distance, traditional or both?   There are many benefits to both types of education, but what factors make one more beneficial than the other?   Does it depend on the subject of study?   Is it the personality of the individual?   Is it the student’s method of learning, what type of degree their trying to obtain, their schedule, family life, responsibilities, or is it what their current job or career choice is that contribute to these key factors that seem to bear such key points in deciding which path of education is most beneficial to the individual themselves?  

The introduction of homeschooling and/or correspondence courses was certainly the foundation for what we have become to know as distance or online education.   With the vast growth of computers and technology over the last 30 years, it has become a much more popular & accepted method for people to obtain the necessary diploma or degree to land the job of the choice in the field of their choice without ever stepping foot in a classroom.   Government controlled guidelines and regulations have been put in place by such accreditation counsels such as the DETC (Distance Education Training Counsel) and through various other accreditation counsels such as Colleges & Universities being regionally or nationally accredited to assure students a quality and worthwhile education.  

Although the question still stands; does distance education provide the same skill set and learning techniques required to perform at a career based level as the traditional “brick and mortar” education?   I think it is a fair and true statement to make...


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