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The Asp Birth

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ASP introduction

    From 1996 ASP birth to now past 15 years. In the short of 15 years, ASP there are major changes, until now the asp.net. The first edition of asp is 0.9 beta, since 1996, it gives birth ASP1.0 Web development bounded brought good news. Early Web application development is very tedious, that should make a simple dynamic pages need to write a lot of C code to complete this for ordinary programmer is a little too difficult. An ASP but allows the use of this simple scripting language additionally, write the code embedded in HTML pages. In programming use its internal components to achieve some advanced functions such as Cookie). It's the biggest contribution lies in its ADO (ActiveX Data Object), this component makes the program of the database operation is very simple, so the dynamic web design also becomes a easy. Therefore overnight, Web design program is no longer imagined arduous tasks, as many people can do their stuff. In 1998, Microsoft to release the ASP 2.0. It is part of the Pack Windows NT4 Option, as IIS 4.0 of module.in accessories. It with ASP 1.0 are the main difference between its external components can be initialized, so that in the ASP program of all internal components have independent memory space, and available for the transaction. By 2000, with the Windows 2000 success release, the operating system IIS 5.0 ach incident ASP 3.0 also begins popularity. Compared with ASP 2.0, ASP 3.0 advantage lies in it USES the COM +, hence its effectiveness is better than its front version, and more stable. In 2001, asp.net appeared. In the first development, it is the name of the ASP +, but to with Microsoft.net plan, and to show that match the ASP version is not to ASP3.0 complement, Microsoft will its named asp.net. Asp.net on the structure and in front of the version is widely divergent, it almost entirely based on the components and modular, Web applications developers use this development environment can realize more modular, more...


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