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Intro of Science Fair.

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If I add salt to water and place four sodas into the salty then Sprite will float up first and Mountain Dew would float last I got my idea by one day I was sitting at the computer searching for science fair projects and as I was reading upon this idea of putting drinks in water and seeing how long it took to float up. I decided to take a nice spin with project and so I starting writing ideas down, brainstorming about what else I could do. Then my mom asked what was I doing for my science fair project and I replied and said putting drinks into a tub of water and see which floats to the top first but add something else interesting. Then I was thinking and thinking and it cam e to me, why don’t you just do the salt water trick with soda. That’s how I came up with my idea. My topic is placing four different sodas in a tub of water with a salt then whichever soda floats to the top first has the less sugar then the next two are possibly tied, but the last soda to float has the most sugar. During my research studies show that Sprite as no caffeine while Coke has thirty-five milligrams of caffeine. Pepsi has thirty-eight milligrams, and Mountain Dew topping it all fifty-four milligrams. Another fact is that Mountain Dew is one of America’s most popular drinks, just finishing behind coke and Pepsi. I thought sprite was going to float up first simply because I knew it had less sugar, but Coke coming in second? I thought it was going to be Pepsi and as we all know that Mountain Dew has the most sugar of all of the sodas.


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