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Autism 10

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  Autism Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD).Asperser's Syndrome are all forms of
developmental disorders. In one study I t was stated that children born more than two years after
their older sibling may have less of a chance of being searching born with autism. Another study
finds that for decades, parents of children with autism have been searching for a drug or diet to
treat the disorder.
  Researchers have also reported that there is evidence of certain environmental exposures could
play a role in causing the disorder in some children. Southwest Airlines has conducted a practice
exercise for children with autism and their families to become familiar with air travel, for instance
,carrying bags ,going through security ,waiting at   the gate ,and sitting on the plane.
  Handwriting problems that often affect children with autism are likely to persist into
adolescence ,but there may be strategies to help them compensate.Screntists at the Washington
University School of Medicines have uncovered evidence of a genetic basis of autism. Surveys
collected from more than 1,000 families with autistic kids, they discover that siblings of autistic
children who have not been diagnosed with the disease often exhibit mild traits of autism.
  Newborn babies who develops jaundice ,a common liver problem that turns their skin and eyes
yellow , are at greater risk for autism , accordinding to Danish Researchers who studied all
children in that country during a 10 year period. New research shows that even low-dose , multiple
toxic and infections exposures may be a key factor to the onset of autism. The controversy
surrounding a retracted study that linked autism to childhood vaccines has been fueled by the fact
that no one actually knows what really cause autism.


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