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Books and Man are inseparable

Books are a man’s soulmate. What would we do without books? Books and readers are inseparable from each other. Right from childhood, a person is taught to value books. He carries books in his bag to school, takes care of them by covering them and attaching a label with his name and feels a sense of pride in being its owner. Books lend a person with a feeling of self-importance as well. Books help us to stretch the frontiers of our knowledge. The more a man reads,the more learned and knowledgeable he becomes.

E-books Vs Paper Books

Books indeed lend us a feeling of happiness. Though they are non-living, they have an old-world charm and lure a person into reading them. We find reading is one of the most popular hobbies all over the world. Book-lovers throng book fairs in multitudes just to get a touch and feel of their favorite book and then they purchase it and make it a prized possession. Some have their own little libraries at home where they buy, read and store books with care, handing them over to the next generation.

Though e-books have flooded the internet now and hampered the sales of paper books to an extent, they can never diminish the popularity of paper books. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, people have hectic schedules and so often they cannot afford the time to flip the pages and read a paper book whereas they can easily browse an e-book with the same content on an e-book reader like the Amazon Kindle. E-books seem to have stolen the limelight but it again points to the extreme popularity that books enjoy.

Books speak silently to us

Mankind is habituated to reading and increasing his horizon of knowledge. Books are not only sources of knowledge but they also provide an enriching experience to the reader. We can read a book while relaxing with a cup of coffee or at our own leisure. Though books cannot speak, they silently speak a thousand words to us and enable us to picture in our mind’s eye the actual...


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