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Books, My Best Friend

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Books, My Best Friends
Books are very meaningful to me. They can help me in at least three aspects: letting me know the knowledge of nature, the social cultures, and giving me enjoyment.
First of all, books can introduce the knowledge of nature to me. I read maths books to know quantities’ properties and relationships. I read physics books to know the interactions between matter and energy. I read chemistry books to learn the atomic composition, structure, properties, and reactions of matter. I read medicine books to get to know both physiological and pathological states of the bodies and know how to intervene the pathological ones.
Secondly, books enable me to learn contemporary and ancient cultures and ethics so that I could have the chance to establish my own view of value and attitudes towards different things. For example, I read Laozi’s books and learned we should do things according to the rules of nature, but shouldn’t twist these rules; we should do things diligently but shouldn’t be eager for quick success and instant benefit. I read Benjamin Franklin’s works, and learned we should well use our gifts to do things as he’s said: “What's a sundial in the shade?” I learned we should know the limits of our professional knowledge because he wrote “He's the best physician that knows the worthlessness of the most medicines.”
Also, reading novels can give me great enjoyment. Maybe this enjoyment isn’t always purely pleasure, but I really like the feelings of being lost in elaborate novels. While reading My Antonia, When I get to the part that Jim returned to Black Hawk and told Antonia she didn’t know how much she had been meaning to him, I was still in a dim enclosed room then, but my heart was lingering onto that vast expanse of the fields of Nebraska. While reading The Mill on the Floss, I can feel the vivid inward struggle of Maggie on the dilemma between her free will and pre-determination. These characters are my familiars


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