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Christopher Bloise
November 29, 2011
4th Period
Ms. Deck

      Since the Civil War, a very controversial issue emerged of whether or not one has the right to fly the Confederate flag, because while to some it represents heritage, to others it is an insult and a display of racial discrimination. The main controversy now is if the states have the right to fly the flag over governmental buildings. The National Association of the Advancement of Colored People or NAACP has hosted many protests mainly in South Carolina and Georgia for the removal of such flag from governmental buildings.   The Confederate flag controversy is such a huge a debate because of the opposing meanings that are connected with the flag, some saying it is showing respect and remembrance of the fallen soldiers of the Confederacy, and others saying it is just remembering slavery. Like with anything, there are those who are extremists and abuse things. In response to the controversy of the flag, South Carolina’s former Governor Beasley said, “The Confederate flag flying above the Statehouse flies in a vacuum. Its meaning and purpose are not defined by law. Because of this, any group can give the flag any meaning it chooses. The Klan can misuse it as a racist tool, as it has, and others can misuse it solely as a symbol for racism, as they have” (Sarratt 1).   Some support the flag being flown on private property, knowing that to some it does represent heritage, but not over governmental buildings because they believe that the government is supporting slavery and revolution by doing. On another note, one has to consider the first amendment’s clause on “Freedom of Speech” and the tenth amendment talking about state’s rights. The Confederate flag should be able to be flown over government buildings because it is the state’s right to decide whether to fly it and is protected by freedom of speech, while some see it as a display of support for slavery, it is more rather a display of respect for ones...


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