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Rite of Passage Essay Structure

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To complete a rite of passage, an individual must challenge them selves and those around them.

A Rite of Passage is when a person transitions from one stage of their life to another. In the novel The Chocolate War, Jerry Renault goes through a rite of passage at his new school Trinity College and challenges himself and those around him. Robert Cormier uses a number of languages devices to bring the characters and story to life.

Paragraph one:

Explain what a Rite of Passage is and relate it to Jerry..eg Jerry Renault is a boy who completes a right of passage when he dared to challenge authority. Jerry’s first few weeks at Trinity are filled with a number of challenges. Quote “they murdered him.etc….Cormier uses his metaphor tells us that compare Jerry’s struggle on the football field with his struggle to be accepted in the new school. This is the first challenge Jerry has to go through because he actually wanted to be accepted by his peers, in addition Jerry is also grieving for his mother who recently died.

Paragraph 2:
As the story develops, Cormier introduces the audience to a range of characters that play an important part in Jerry’s life at the School. Cormier’s describes Brother Leon the deputy headmaster as a power hunger and ambitious man who wants to rule the school his way.   He creates a tense and hostile environment and rules with an iron fist. In the classroom he uses a pointer to poke students and assert his authority. Jerry is wary of him, as are the other students. Another threat to Jerry is the Vigils – a group of students who control the student body under the watchful eye of Brother leon.   It is both Vigils and Brother Leon who putJerry in a position where he has to take a stand to protect himself and his integrity.

Paragraph 3:
Jerry finds himself in a difficult position when Brother Leon insists that every boy sell fifty boxes of Chocolate in a school fundraiser. The vigils see this as an opportunity to challenge Jerry by...


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