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Advertisement Good or Not

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In recent years,advancing of the advertisement has reached an alarming rates.A growing number of people assumed that the advertisement has many drawback such as misleading the consumer,broadcast the exaggerate informations. But on the other hand,the advertisement is considered to be the essential part of our economics. In my perspective,although the advertisement has some disadvantages, it also dedicated much to the society. 
A sizable percentage of people hold the opinion that advertisement should be restrict even be ban and they gives their reason as follow,initially,most of the information advertisement advert to the public is exaggerate or even flying the face of the truth. That is to say,a enormous amount of information the advertisement gives to us may mislead the individuals so they tend to buy the products they do not need. What is more. The untruth informations given by the manufactures may harmful to adolescents. As we al know,juveniles are too young to tells the right from wrong and they may believe the whole words telling by the manufactures and even broaden via their imagination. To be more specific,teenagers tend to eat the pills too much in order to be strong,more smart. Obviously,it bad for their health. 
The other side of the coins advocate strongly opposition,they claim that advertisement is indispensable for our daily life. First of all,we cannot image a bus station or a magazine without advertisement. Advertisement add dimensions on our dull routine everyday life. second,because of the advertisement,we can watch a great     Amount of interesting TV program for free. Without advertisement who will cover the cost.Finally,advertisement bridge the informative gap between the manufactures and the consumers,on other word,the advertisement obtain  enormous useful massage and the the people could benefit from it.
Although advertisement has many weakness like exaggerate information and may harmful to juveniles,but we can benefit more from it. In...


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