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Adolf Hitler - Essay 3

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One reason that the whole nation of Germany came together under Hitler was because he was able to recover and increase Germany’s economy during his reign. Before Hitler started to rule, Germany was facing high unemployment and poverty. When he came into power, there were over 6 million Germans having difficulties raising money (Hafner, Osers). One of Hitler’s main goals was to end all the unemployment. Hitler developed huge public work systems, expanded credit, instituted many new job programs, brought in unemployment insurance, and did much more to help out the people of Germany improve with the German economy (Rockwell). Another one of Hitler’s main goals coming into power was to repair the German military. For a very long time, their armed forces were not very secure. The German military would not have very much of a chance in any battle. At that time, they were under the Treaty of Versailles, which took away a lot of military power from Germany, as well as, the Great Depression was just ending, which deprived any possibilities for using a lot of money to help out the German armed forces (Appleby, 570). However, by 1938, under the power of Hitler, it had been completely turned around, and Germany became the strongest country in Europe (Haffner, Osers). Hitler was able to improve both the economy and military of Germany during his rule, which proves that Hitler was a good leader. He was able to organize, take charge, and get people to listen to him to reach his goal.
Hitler’s great skills of being a good national leader are also shown in the way that he expanded Germany’s borders. Hitler believed that the best thing for the country of Germany would have been to add more land. One of his goals for the world was to have Germany have the most possible power. So, he took control and showed his aggressiveness and leadership skills in helping get more land for his country. Some of the countries that Hitler took over and made a part of his own country, for his...


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