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Utopia: Ignorance or Wishful Thinking ?

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“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The golden rule is put into the minds of all children as life’s simple structure. By following said guidelines, people everywhere get along and live the Cinderella ‘happily ever after’ lifestyle. It is said that ‘paying it forward’ will mold our imperfect world into that of something spectacular. We are told these silly stories as children just to be let down when the reality of adulthood sets in. With people who are hungry for power, have different views, and mental disabilities it is difficult at best to say any such perfection exists. The idea of complete Utopia is far too broad to ever truly be reached.

The definition of Utopia is that of a perfect place. To look into Utopia, one must look at the meaning of perfection. In order to create a perfect world, every inhabitant would also need to share in its perfection. There is no one person that fits into the ‘perfect’ category. All people are filled with flaws and IMPERFECTIONS. One person’s idea of a perfect world, in comparison to another’s, could be on two different sides of the spectrum. Treating every person one may come in contact with, with appreciation and solidarity would be unheard of for some people. In many cases, people pass each other on the streets and in the super market without as much as a friendly smile or gesture. The world’s idea of hospitality has changed for the worst.

Along with the imperfections, come the disabilities of the less fortunate. Many people have mental setbacks that they have to deal with. As is true with animals such as Mollie and the flock of sheep in Orwell’s Animal Farm, not every mind is capable of working in the same way. Putting

aside educational handicaps, there are also mental diseases that cripple a person’s understanding of the world around them. What some may consider a perfect place could be terrifying for another who doesn’t fully comprehend their surroundings.

Many leaders are also ill-equipped...


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