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Horror Movie

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Thinking back to my first horror movie I saw; it was so scary that I ended up having bad dreams and not wanting to see another one again. I was about ten years old when I saw the movie called “Halloween”. I was young when I first saw it, but since than it has been remade and has sequels now.   Watching this movie was scary and had suspense to it all at the same time.
The movie was about a man named Michael Myers who has been in an institution since he was a young boy, after murdering his sister. Now he’s escaped and is heading back home to terrorize the quiet community which still remembers him and he stalks a high school girl and her friends while his doctor chases him through the streets. I believed for a while that Michael Myers was real and was still around. I was so scared to go to bed and fall asleep. I would let my mind run wild and keep thinking about him, where he was at and what he was doing. I have convinced myself that if I looked out the windows at night I would see him standing there staring in at me and would come after me. Honestly, I had to sleep with a nightlight on and didn’t like to hang my feet off the bed.
The effect this movie had on me was getting scared and then having to realize it was all unrealistic. I eventually got older and realized that Michael Myers was not real. I found out that the movies were just that; just movies and nothing else. I am almost twenty-six years old and I am able to watch horror movies without getting scared like I did when I was younger. I actually love to watch horror movies now since I know the truth about them. Watching horror movies feels my body with adrenaline. I am a person that sometimes gets scared easily, but not so much when watching horror movies. Watching scary movies you can usually tell when and what the scary parts are in it. There are other times when you can’t tell at all and I love that in a...


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