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Moral Dilemmas

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Brooke Goodfellow                                                                                                       February 17th 2012

                              History of the Camera

The first camera was invented in 1021 by Ibn al-Haytham,who called it the “Camera Obscura” in Iraq. This product has always been called the “camera” as long as it has been invented.   Although the camera was invented in 1021, the first photograph wasn’t taken until 1814 by a man named Joseph Nicephore Niepce unsing a sliding wooden box camera. In the year 1888, George Eastman made his first camera which he called “The Kodak” which was the first ever camera to go on sale. By the end of the 19th century, Eastman had introduced an expanded lineup and started the commercialization of cameras. The first really popular camera was called the “Eastman Kodak Brownie” and cost only $1 and a reel of film with 6 exposures costing $0.15. Throughout the 19th century, there were many different companies that came out with very popular cameras like the Polaroid model 95, which was the world's first instant picture camera in 1948, Polaroid Instant Film in 1972 which developed the picture just seconds after capturing the picture, Fugifilm Disposable Camera in 1990, Sony Cybershot in 2002 which was pocket sized to take around with you, and now, digital Cameras which display the picture directly after you take it on a small screen.
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Throughout the years, there have been many changes to cameras to increase its demand and value. One of the major things that has changed has been its size. The first camera ever invented, was a very heavy, large wooden camera. As the years have gone by, the cameras have majorly been decreased in size and weight, some being able to fit into your pocket. Another big improvement with the camera has been its colour quality and the ability to zoom in and see far away objects, up close. In the olden days, a camera was...


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